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Accessible Dispatch. At your service now.

The new way to order a wheelchair-accessible taxi in Manhattan. No advance reservations necessary; available to you 24/7.

The Technology That Drives Accessible Dispatch

Four Independent Systems Come Together to Deliver One First Class Solution

Five key elements contribute to the success of this dispatch program:

  1. Four independent technology providers
  2. Best in breed – each company is a specialist in their field
  3. Integration into one cohesive technology solution
  4. Designed to fully automate the dispatch process from beginning to end
  5. Provides the most cost effective and scalable method not only to meet demand but to exceed demand requirements

By leveraging an API (application programming interface) made available by Mobile Knowledge, Unified Dispatch and TaxiMagic are able to provide Accessible Dispatch four automated ways for customers to book a taxi. Unified Dispatch provides an IVR (interactive voice response) product that gives an Accessible Dispatch customer the ability to call for service and book a taxi without the need to speak with a live operator. With just few short commands, the taxi is booked in the Mobile Knowledge system and dispatched. UDI’s solution processes over 100 million calls annually for its customers.

Technology Arrows for Technology Pg

The new Accessible Dispatch WOW Taxi app can be downloaded to your iPhone or Android phone at no cost and provides the most streamlined way of booking a taxi trip. TaxiMagic developed the technology behind the smartphone app now made available to the Accessible Dispatch community. The app immediately recognizes the riders current location and confirms that a taxi will be dispatched. After the taxi is en route, the customer can locate and track the vehicle via a GPS feed on a map using the WOW application.

In addition to the WOW app, TaxiMagic provides the technology that supports texting and online booking, and all three interfaces provide a customer conduit to the Accessible Dispatch service. TaxiMagic’s own app is the #1 taxi booking app on the iTunes store and is affiliated with taxi companies across the United States.

Mobile Knowledge Logo

Mobile Knowledge is the technology provider responsible for the logic and hardware behind the dispatching of the vehicles.

Their system provides the ability for end users and third party integration partners to enter requests for taxi service. At that point, the system uses GPS to locate the closest available vehicle and sends that vehicle a message via hardware located inside the taxicab. The Mobile Knowledge system is designed with the intention of fully automating every service request. For service requests where human intervention is warranted, the system intelligently alerts the dispatchers that additional assistance is required. From the time the rider requests the taxicab service to the point where the passenger is dropped off, the entire fare lifecycle is monitored to ensure highest level of service and system automation.

CabConnect Logo

Cabconnect’s CabMaestro aggregates all the data produced by the other three technology providers and uses that data to handle the back-office operations of Accessible Dispatch.

The most integral of these operations to is to ensure that each driver is paid their ‘deadhead mileage’ credit for each trip. CabMaestro uses the data streaming from the Mobile Knowledge Dispatch system to audit and calculate the routed driving distance from the point the driver accepted the trip to the pick up address.This mileage is then used to calculate the payment due to the driver. Once a week, the system cashiers the trips and pays the medallion owner/agent via an electronic ACH process who in turn pays the drivers. Both the drivers and the medallion owners/agents have access to a specifically designed web portal that provides them both with information and reports.

Lastly, Cabconnect’s CabMaestro program is the source for all of the TLC reporting requirements on the performance metrics of Accessible Dispatchs’ service levels. Both the TLC and Accessible Dispatch use the data collected by CabMaestro to monitor and improve the service provided by Accessible Dispatch.

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Community Feedback
From Our CT & NYC Accessible Services

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  • The service provided by Metro Taxi to our special needs students as well as those students transported to programs outside of New Haven is handled with the urgency and sensitivity that is essential to the learning process.

    Teddi Barra, Transportation Director, New Haven Public Schools
  • More than 54 million people in America live with disabilities and they have the same needs and interests as everybody else. The New Freedom Fund Taxi Voucher Program, a Connecticut first, opens new vistas of opportunities for those with disabilities allowing the disabled community to obtain the value, freedom and equality as other taxicab users and at a significantly discounted price. Locally, Metro Access is greatly enhancing quality of life.

    Michelle M. Duprey, Esq., Director of the City of New Haven’s Department of Services for Persons with Disabilities