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The new way to book a wheelchair-accessible taxi in Manhattan. No advance reservations necessary; available to you 24/7.
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  • August 9, 2017
    Accessible Dispatch Driver of the Week: Meet David!

    Meet David!DRIVER OF THE WEEK _David fongcopy copy

    Born in Yokohama, Japan, David grew up near an American military base. He remembers chatting with Americans about their home cities–ones all over the country–but fell in love with New York City when he first visited it. Now he lives in Yonkers, runs a downtown fish market, and drives his accessible taxi on the weekends.

    “I decided I wanted to get into the taxi business because in Manhattan all you see is taxis everywhere,” he says. Now that he’s in it, he’s glad to be able to help people.…

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  • August 2, 2017
    Accessible Dispatch Driver of the Week: Meet Gamal!

    Meet Gamal!DRIVER OF THE WEEK _GAMAL copy copy

    Gamal grew up on a farm in Gaborone, Botswana. He remembers selling homemade bread and cheese door to door for his family. Now he lives in Queens and drives an accessible taxi. He likes his job for the freedom, and the chance to help the community.

    “Before driving a taxi, I worked at a department store until the company shut down,” he says. “After that, I went from job to job. It was difficult, because of the hectic schedule: I couldn’t spend any time with my family.”

    Now he can pick his shifts and spend time at home whenever he needs, which is exactly what he wants.…

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  • July 26, 2017
    Accessible Dispatch Driver of the Week: Meet RJ!

    DRIVER OF THE WEEK _RJ copy copyMeet RJ!

    Hailing from lovely Carcassonne, France, RJ now lives in Queens. He drives a taxi part-time since injuring his back in a work-related accident.

    “I love what I do. It’s relaxing, but sometimes it’s tiring,” he says. “People think I am sitting all day, so they wonder how I get tired, but it can be draining.”

    He enjoys driving an accessible taxi because he can help others get around while doing something he already enjoys. One dispatch call sticks out to him as case in point for how much good accessible vehicles can do.…

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From Our Connecticut & New York City Accessible Services

Community Feedback For New York City’s Accessible Dispatch

  • Accessible Dispatch totally made our lives wonderful tonight… My husband’s electric wheelchair had unexpectedly had a power almost-outage, and we were stranded. AD was in touch with us every 10 minutes, and we got our ride home with a very personable and capable driver. Hurray!
    Judy Thoms
  • We are basically sitting here poised and ready for a much, much higher utilization than we have now, and it is our expectation that we are going to get it.
    Bill Scalzi, President of Accessible Dispatch and Metro Taxi Connecticut
  • This is an entirely new kind of service, and it is a real and tangible reflection of our dedication to making quality taxicab service available to all those who want it…I think even the most ardent advocates for people with disabilities agree that we need 311 to be part of the solution, because even if we started phasing in a much bigger number of wheelchair-accessible taxis, it would take years to get there. We need to get service to people today, and that’s what 311 will do.
    New York City Taxi and Limousine Commissioner David Yassky
  • We’ve chosen the very best and most experienced partner imaginable to oversee and manage the service, and it is ready and open for business.
    New York City Taxi and Limousine Commissioner David Yassky
  • I was one of the original testers three years ago, and that phase was very disastrous, because a lot of things were, sort of, not organized properly. I think that it’s been organized very professionally, they’ve chosen a professional dispatch company…and they are incredible.
    Ronnie Ellen Raymond, Advocate for the Disabled
  • This is a critical turning point between unacceptable service [for passengers in wheelchairs] and service that is acceptable and getting where it needs to be.
    New York City Taxi and Limousine Commissioner David Yassky

Community Feedback For Connecticut’s Accessible Service

  • Here in New Haven we knew there was a gap in the transportation available to individuals with mobility disabilities, if you needed a ride on short notice there were no options available to you. In a study we did here in New Haven, transportation was cited by almost a two to one margin as an area that needed improvement in our community and 31% of individuals who were not working say they were not working because of lack of affordable, convenient and accessible transportation. So this new accessible taxi will open doors for many members of our community to both employment and community activities, which is very exciting.
    Michelle M. Duprey, Esq., Director of the City of New Haven’s Department of Services for Persons with Disabilities
  • Without it, you can’t go anywhere. We used to take the town van, but sometimes we’d have to wait for hours to get a ride home.
    Ron Zolla, routinely uses Metro Taxi Accessible Service to medical appointments
  • The freedom [associated with wheelchair-accessible taxi] also allows more employment opportunities as transportation is a huge barrier among those with physical disabilities. It will open so many opportunities for people to be in the community and this will give people an opportunity to work.
    Theresa Nadeau, Connect-Ability Project Coordinator and Metro Taxi Accessible Service Advocate
  • We have come to rely specifically on Metro Taxi, because its drivers always arrive on time, help us with our luggage, embrace the company’s high standards for customer service and appear well trained for our needs. We also enjoy doing business with a company that has a long history of assisting community causes such as Komen (Cancer), Go Red for Women (Heart Disease) and the American Red Cross (Humanitarian Relief). The company’s heart and business model are definitely in the right place in introducing Connecticut’s first wheelchair-accessible taxicab. As active and daily participants (ages 78 and 88) of our local senior center, we know there is a great need for wheelchair-accessible cabs.
    Linde & Martin Nobile, Advisory Board Members, East Haven Senior Center
  • Kudos to Metro Taxi for wheelchair-accessible cabs. Congratulations to Metro Taxi and William Scalzi for his leadership in launching Metro Taxi’s Metro Access service with the purchase of Connecticut’s first wheelchair-accessible taxi. Connecticut’s disabled residents are entitled to accessible transportation.
    David L. White, Coordinator, Transportation Solutions and Board Member of the Community Transportation Association of America
  • As the Director of the East Haven Senior Center, I know firsthand that wheelchair-accessible taxi service would greatly enhance and supplement existing transportation. In fact, I know that the expanded service proposed by Metro Taxi will go a very long way in helping East Haven’s large population of seniors be independent and not have to rely on their family or friends for transportation.
    Jan Lougal, Director, East Haven Senior Center
  • Without accessible and affordable transportation, people with disabilities are prevented from attending school, maintaining employment, traveling with the communities of their choice – basically, they are not able to fully participate.
    Daria Smith, Executive Director, Connecticut State Independent Living Council
  • It’s essential that we closely collaborate to ensure that all residents have access to quality transportation services and never allow disabilities to become barriers.
    Donna K. Carter, Executive Director of The Greater New Haven Transit District
  • … Metro Taxi has provided quality transportation to all airports in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey, along with other long-distance service and assistance to the special needs, disabled and handicapped children and adults in the area. In doing so, Metro Taxi raises the standards of excellence in the State of Connecticut by providing a necessary transportation service via its polite and helpful dispatchers, drivers and, of course, hardworking owner/operators. The staff of Metro Taxi has demonstrated a sound commitment the surrounding community.
    M. Jodi Rell, former Connecticut State Governor
  • Bill and Isabelle bring their personal values and goals to work with them, and both Metro Taxi and their community have benefited. We are pleased to be a community partner with Metro Taxi and value the Scalzi’s creativity, generosity and commitment to prevention of underage drinking and helping to keep our kids safe, successful and drug free.
    Jill Spineti, President and CEO of The Governor’s Prevention Partnership
  • Bill Scalzi, president of Metro Taxi, deserves a gold star for getting the DOT legislation revised to allow for wheelchair-accessible cabs and for having the vision and leadership to launch Metro Taxi Accessible Service.
    Kris Barber, former Assistant Coordinator for The City of New Haven’s Department of Services for Persons with Disabilities
  • Year-long Metro Taxi helps the American Red Cross to help its neighbors by raising much-needed awareness and funds. Whether it is stationing its cars in each town in our jurisdiction to collect food, toys, clothing and funds, partnering on health and safety events that raise awareness of life-saving skills and healthy living, or promoting the core services of Red Cross on its taxi top billboards, Metro Taxi is a valuable partner and vital to the success of our mission, locally and globally.
    Charles Frey, former CEO, South Central Connecticut Chapter
  • It’s about time. … We need more than one or two (such taxis). We’d like to see them across the state.
    Connecticut State Senator Toni Harp, D-10, at Metro Access’ 2009 introduction
  • The Scalzis focus on social entrepreneurship as a business model is as intelligent as it is inspirational. What’s so impressive about Bill is that he sees beyond his own company’s well-being. He listens to everyone around him and pays attention to needs. Bill, Isabelle and Metro Taxi are integral fixtures in their community and in the taxicab industry.
    Alfred LaGasse, CEO of the Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association
  • It’s essential that we closely collaborate to ensure that all residents have access to quality transportation services and never allow disabilities to become barriers. The New Freedom Fund Taxi Voucher Program impressively raises the benchmark of transportation options available to those with mobility disabilities. It fills a critical gap in the federally-mandated ADA service even though the GNHTD provides more than 350 trips per day to this population under its ADA service and more than 500 trips per day to elderly and disabled across its entire program spectrum.
    Donna K. Carter, Executive Director of The Greater New Haven Transit District
  • More than 54 million people in America live with disabilities and they have the same needs and interests as everybody else. The New Freedom Fund Taxi Voucher Program, a Connecticut first, opens new vistas of opportunities for those with disabilities allowing the disabled community to obtain the value, freedom and equality as other taxicab users and at a significantly discounted price. Locally, Metro Access is greatly enhancing quality of life.
    Michelle M. Duprey, Esq., Director of the City of New Haven’s Department of Services for Persons with Disabilities
  • The service provided by Metro Taxi to our special needs students as well as those students transported to programs outside of New Haven was handled with the urgency and sensitivity that is essential to the learning process. The daily on time arrivals and dismissals met all our expectations. Please thank all members of your staff including the all important drivers, for the important role they played in the successful transportation of our students this past school year.
    Teddi Barra, Transportation Director, New Haven Public Schools
  • Thank you for helping Community Health Network of Connecticut educate Connecticut citizens about fire prevention, child safety seat installation and usage, as well as the importance of wearing bicycle helmets.
    Sylvia B. Kelly, President and CEO, Community Health Network of Connecticut
  • Last week, I drove a man to a private party who had not been out of his house for six months. Metro Taxi Accessible Service is about quality of life!
    Kevin Flegler, dedicated Metro Taxi Accessible Service Driver
  • Metro Taxi Accessible Service provides a wonderful, much-needed service for those of us who use wheelchairs, or have a variety of mobility disabilities.
    Elaine Kolb, ADAPT, Metro Taxi Accessible Service customer
  • The Board’s vote was unanimous. Bill was the driving force behind recently passed legislation that permitted wheelchair-accessible taxicabs in Connecticut. Soon after, with the Greater New Haven Transit District and the City of New Haven’s Department of Disabilities, he introduced the state’s first New Freedom Fund Taxi Voucher Program to offer passengers with disabilities a 50 percent discount from a normal cab rate.
    Janet Van Tassel Esq., President of ADACC, Exec. Director of the Connecticut Legal Rights Project