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Category Archives for Global Accessibility News

Accessible Dispatch Driver of the Week: Meet Keita!

Meet Keita!DRIVER OF THE WEEK _KEITA copy copy

A Chicago native who lives in Brooklyn, Keita used to be a factory worker. When his factory closed down, he turned to driving a taxi while he looked for another job– and found that he really enjoyed it. Now, he drives for a living.

“I enjoy meeting different people,” says Keita. In New York, taxi drivers certainly do meet all sorts: Keita once got to drive Halle Berry. Most of the time, though, his passengers are ordinary people.

Sometimes, though, the line between “ordinary” and “extraordinary” gets a little blurred.…

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Accessible Dispatch Driver of the Week: Meet Sameh!

Meet Sameh! driver-of-the-week-_sameh

Los Angeles-born Sameh took a cross-country leap from California to Queens, and now he helps other people get around.

“When I came to NYC, I knew some friends who were drivers,” he explains. “And they stated to me that it was a great job but that you had to work for it. At first I was a little scared but after a week I got the hang of it. I enjoy the freedom and meeting new people every day.”

In the years he’s been serving the New York City community, Sameh has learned that the small touches make the biggest impressions.…

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Accessible Dispatch Driver of the Week: Meet Avis!

Meet Avis!driver-of-the-week-_avis

When he was growing up, Avis had two role models who taught him plenty about hard work.

“My father was in the Marines and when he passed through Colombia he met my mother,” Avis remembers. “They fell in love at first sight, got married, and had me. Since my father was in the military he had to go back home to the States and he took my mother with him. She was scared because she did not know the language, nor did she know anyone.…

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Accessible Dispatch Driver of the Week: Meet Ghulam!

Meet Ghulam!driver-of-the-week-_ghulam

Ghulam, who was born in Long Island and now lives in Yonkers, has spent a lifetime in New York City and has built two careers there to boot. He started out in healthcare, but when that made it difficult to spend time with family, the man who fondly recalls a childhood with parents and grandparents under one roof decided to make a change.

“I worked the overnight shift which made it very difficult for my family,” he explains. “I would come home and the children are in school and I would sleep for the most part.…

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Accessible Dispatch Driver of the Week: Meet Elsiddiq!

Meet Elsiddiq!driver-of-the-week-_elsiddiq

Elsiddiq traded peaches for apples when he moved from the suburbs of Savannah, Ga. to New York City. Now the Accessible Dispatch driver, who lives in Queens, has taken to his new community and new profession with zest. And it’s not the first time he’s worked in transportation.

“Before driving a taxi I used to work as a truck driver,” he remembers. “I loved around the holidays and delivered the packages. So many people’s faces light up. I remember one little girl called me Santa because I delivered her present.”

Many of Elsiddiq’s current passengers express similar gratitude.…

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Accessible Dispatch Driver of the Week: Meet Kwabena!

Meet Kwabena!driver-of-the-week-kwabena

Kwabena came all the way from Nairobi, Kenya when he was just 15 years old, and now enjoys a thriving career from his new home base: Long Island.

“As a child I traveled to the US to visit family that was here,” he recalls. “My parents decided the education and lifestyle in the US is better. They wanted my siblings and I to receive the best education.”

Kwabena, however, made sacrifices for his loved ones.

“I did not go to college because I was the oldest and I had to supply for my family when my father became ill,” she says.…

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Accessible Dispatch Driver of the Week: Meet Shahin!

driver-of-the-week-_shahinMeet Shahin!

Shahin was born and raised in Brooklyn, and that’s where he’s proudly based his transportation career. The driver, who has four children of his own and five siblings, all in Brooklyn themselves, definitely values family.

“Most of us live less than a mile from one another,” he explains. “I enjoy spending time with my children and family.”

Fortunately, his profession offers him the flexibility to do just that. It also exposes him to a big, wide community.

“Being a taxi driver is always an adventure,” he says.…

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Accessible Dispatch Driver of the Week: Meet Babiker!

Meet Babiker!driver-of-the-week-_babiker

These days Babiker is an Accessible Dispatch driver in Queens, but his first streets were in Metz, France.

“It’s a small town and a very quiet area,” says Babiker, who is a traditionally minded family man with a deep love for community.  “My town of Metz is small and many people do not come and visit. When I tell people and actually hear someone say they visited, they love it. I tell everyone to go there, because there are fewer tourists and more beautiful places to visit and cheaper vacations.”

Babiker’s family is from Metz as well.…

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Accessible Dispatch Driver of the Week: Meet King!

Meet King!

driver-of-the-weekYou might call him a pharaoh behind the wheel. He was born in Cairo, Egypt, but now King lives in Queens and has found a fulfilling career as a New York City taxicab driver with Accessible Dispatch. King came to the U.S. in childhood when his family moved, and family has directed every part of his professional life.

“My family is a very close family,” he says. “We came over for a better life. My father was a hardworking man and when he passed away when I was 19 years old I had to be the man of the house.”

That experience had a profound impact on King, who entered the taxicab industry in large part because of how family friendly it is.…

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Accessible Dispatch Driver of the Week: Meet Yehia!

Meet Yehia!yehia

Yehia is no stranger to living in a big city; the Accessible Dispatch Driver of the Week was born and raised in Chicago, where he spent his entire life before moving to New York City so his wife could be closer to her family. To the romance-minded Yehia, who started a new life 1,000 miles from home for the sake of love, working as a taxicab driver offered the perfect opportunity.

“I enjoy meeting different people,” he says. “I enjoy the fact I get to see New York and work at the same time.…

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