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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Accessible Dispatch Driver of the Week: Meet Pavel!

driver-of-the-week-pavelMeet Pavel!

New York City is home to people from the world over, but Pavel came a particularly long way; this Queens cabbie hails from Vladivostok, a Russian city on the Pacific Ocean whose name means “Ruler of the East.” The coastal trading hub is closer to China than it is to Moscow—and it’s 6,400 miles from New York.

“My father was a pilot who always loved New York and always wanted to move here,” Pavel explains. “One day he had the opportunity and he jumped on it.…

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Accessible Dispatch Driver of the Week: Meet Zafar!

Meet Zafar!driver-of-the-week-_zafar

For Zafar, modesty is the name of the game. The Fort Worth, Texas native, who goes by Mr. Z—“Because my name is hard to pronounce”—grew up in a hardworking household where doing one’s duty was valued and community came first.

“We were not a rich family but we had all the necessities,” says Zafar. “My older brother went to college and I decided to stay home and provide for the family. My younger sister moved out and was married at an early age and my younger brother went off to the military.”

Zafar, who now lives in Queens, takes personal satisfaction in driving an accessible cab, not least of all because of one passenger who’s close to his heart.…

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Accessible Dispatch Driver of the Week: Meet Paola!

Meet Paola!driver-of-the-week-_paola

Most cab drivers are handy with directions, but if you’re lucky enough to wind up in Paola’s back seat, she just might proofread a paper for you, too—and give you a bilingual grammar lesson. This cabbie-by-day, academic-by-night found her way to the streets of the Big Apple in a quintessentially New York way.

“I was here on vacation with my family,” she recalls. “And I fell in love with the city.”

So the college graduate with an established career as a school teacher made the 1,500-mile move to the City That Never Sleeps from her native Dominican Republic.…

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Accessible Dispatch Driver of the Week: Meet Inam!

driver-of-the-week-_inamMeet Inam!

For Inam from Queens, being a taxi driver is all about community. The Guyana-born cabbie, who got into the transportation business as a second career after years in the travel industry, says the best part of driving an accessible cab is that it allows him to “help the community who may need an extra hand.” And when it comes to his passengers, Inam is quick to go above and beyond. He’s had plenty of notably passengers, including Donnie Wahlberg and Lala Anthony, but there is one he remembers most and for a simple reason: “She reminded me of my daughter.”

Family is the center of Inam’s life; he lives in a close-knit household that includes his parents, grandparents, and sister, and his favorite part of growing up was having so many cousins nearby, “because it meant I was never alone.”

This particular passenger, however, was very much alone.…

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