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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Accessible Dispatch Driver of the Week: Meet Edner!


Edner, from Queens, never planned on being an NYC taxi driver. In fact the Detroit native, who moved to New York as a child, had his first career in hospital work and thought that his stint in the transportation industry would be short lived.

“I enjoyed my hospital job, but the hours made it hard,” he says. “I needed something with more flexibility, so I decided to try out driving part time. But it turned into a full-time career.”

Edner’s jump into a new work lane was unplanned, but once he’d settled in behind the wheel he learned some surprising lessons.…

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Accessible Dispatch Driver of the Week: Meet Suresh!

Meet Suresh!

For Suresh, a Brooklynite and the Accessible Dispatch Driver of the Week, being the best at his job means knowing the ins and outs of the community he serves.

“I get to see New York City and meet different people,” Suresh says. “I tell them all the good areas to visit, the areas that are not normally in a tour book. I give passengers different ideas and good attractions. That’s why I enjoy being a driver.”

Suresh was a service representative before he made a big career leap, and he’s never regretted it.…

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Accessible Dispatch Driver of the Week: Meet Brunet!

BrunetFor Brunet, our Accessible Dispatch Driver of the Week, driving taxis was a career that he never intended but fell into. He was once part of the management team for a popular retail store in the 90s. Because of the economy, one by one, the stores began to shut down. Before long, all of the stores were closed.

Determined to remain in the Big Apple and knowing that he’d soon be out of a job, Brunet began to drive a cab part-time for some income while he looked for a full-time position.…

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Accessible Dispatch Driver of the Week: Meet Riddy!

RiddyGrowing up in Long Island, New York, Riddy, our Accessible Dispatch Driver of the Week, remembers playing in the backyard with his entire family, cooking and chatting at the coffee table. He was part of a small neighborhood – the kind where everyone knew everyone.

This small town atmosphere is something that still resonates deeply with Riddy. Before driving a cab, he worked at a telephone company for customer service. Riddy wasn’t a big fan of corporate life – he spent most of his time in the office working hard to save up enough money to open a small fruit market.…

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