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Georgia Rotary Celebrates 500th Wheelchair Ramp Installment

Members of the Northeast Georgia Rotary Club have been building wheelchair ramps in their community since 1995. What began as a project at a local senior center has since become a member mission over the last 12 years.

On Saturday, rotary members completed their 500th wheelchair ramp install at the home of Annie Mae Jarrells in Ila, Georgia outside of Athens. Lt. Governor Casey Cagle was on-site to congratulate the volunteers on their milestone accomplishment.

Lt. Governor Cagle said of his decision to attend the occasion, “There are often things that catch your eye, but seldom things that catch your heart.”

Roy Gandy has served as the ramp coordinator since the club was first chartered in 1990. He’s overseen all 500 installations, improving installation times from over an hour at the beginning to now completing the project in about 30 minutes. He also estimates that the club installs 35 ramps per year, which comes out to one every two weeks.

For more information on the Rotary Club and their work in the community, visit:

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