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Outdoor Canadian Theatre Offers Drive-Up Options for Wheelchairs (July 23, 2012)

The Brackley Drive-In Theatre, located in Canada’s Prince Edward Island (PEI), recently updated its facility with a variety of wheelchair accessible amenities including paved parking spots, bathrooms and closed captioning for those with hearing impairments.

Rosemary McGuirk, a local resident, said of the updates, “I didn’t think anything like this would ever happen because I never even thought of going to the drive-in. I thought I wouldn’t be able to hear and too far away to use the walker, you know? And just little things that people wouldn’t think of until you’re in the position yourself.”

Owner Bob Boyle began renovations earlier this year following additional updates to the screen technology. Total costs rounded out to about $30,000 with more than 50% of the dollars spent supplemented by a federal accessibility fund.

Since reopening, Boyle said the public has been very enthusiastic about the theatre’s changes.

“I’ve had many comments saying I wish more people did the same thing and had the vision or the view of kind of looking at it through another person’s eyes that this might be difficult or if we made these changes it would just make things easier.”

For more information on Brackley Drive-In, visit:

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