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Push Girls Aren’t Slowed Down by Their Disabilities (May 31, 2012)

On Monday, June 4th the Sundance Channel will premiere its newest reality series, Push Girls, which will trace the lives of four dynamic LA women who have been paralyzed, by accident or illness, from the neck or waist down. The women are all close friends who hope the show brings new awareness to individuals with disabilities and helps to change common misperceptions about the disabled.

“Often people see the chair first and person second,” says Sarah Barnett, general manager at Sundance Channel. “When you see the show, it reverses this. It challenges you to say that these women are living their lives in courageous ways and inspires viewers to really want to apply what they see to their own lives.”

Push Girls will follow the women (ranging from 29 to 42 years old) as they experience exciting, new phases of their lives with some starting businesses while others start families, and focuses heavily on the importance of their friendships through it all. Each woman comes with a different history of how she became paralyzed and the series aims to showcase how they rose above the accidents and illnesses to remain positive and “push” through their individual challenges to live their lives fully.

“I made the decision to take the positive path,” Angela Rockwood says. “I picked myself up and have never looked back.”

With 1 in 50 people living with paralysis in the United States (roughly 6 million in total), Peter Wilderotter, president of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, explains that “Showing what daily life is like in all its ups and downs sends a message of education and hope, and will lead to better understanding and better inclusion.”

Push Girls premieres June 4th at 10:00pm on the Sundance Channel. For more information, visit:

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